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3 Supervisors Say NO FIBROWATT in Page County

March 3, 2010

It was a standing room only crowd at Luray Middle School for the Board of Supervisors meeting and the much anticipated presentation by Fibrowatt. After an over two hour presentation by Terry Walmsley, VP of Public Affairs at Fibrowatt, the audience was shocked to hear how the supervisors really felt [see above video]. J.D. Cave was the first to break the silence by sharing a great analogy-

“If the voters of District 3 and I were going out for ice cream, and all of you want vanilla, and I want chocolate. And you send me up to the window to order…I’m going to have to order vanilla.”

Jeff Vaughan, District 5 Supervisor, followed suit by saying

“We need jobs, but we don’t need jobs that sacrifice the quality of our lifestyles.”

Another shocker was the newly elected and youngest Supervisor, Robert Griffith of District 1, saying flat out

“I can’t support this business coming into Page County.”

The look on Larry Sours’ face when he said that is priceless. I guess the public weren’t the only ones hearing this for the first time.

Page County citizens should give themselves a huge pat on the back for all their hard work- letter writing, phone calling, flyer and sign making. It made all the difference. This would not have been possible if everyone had not taken swift and direct action. However, the fight is not over. We still need to hold the Supervisors accountable to their word, and make sure the other supervisors hear what we have to say and take action accordingly. NO FIBROWATT IN PAGE COUNTY!

Standing Room Only at Fibrowatt Presentation

It Was Standing Room Only at Fibrowatt Presentation

Clear Message as You Enter the Room : No Fibrowatt!

Clear Message as You Enter the Room : No Fibrowatt!

She has to inherit this county, let's hear her out!

She has to inherit this county, let's hear her out!

Page County Citizens representin'

Page County Citizens representin'.

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  1. donna permalink
    March 3, 2010 9:10 am

    I think this is a huge victory for the citizens, as well. This Fibrowatt company would certainly have had a very negative impact on Page County. We are already forced to receive trash and waste from all over the countryside, why would be want to add to that. The farmers in Page County already make use of the local chicken manure to fertilize their fields, we certainly don’t need to receive any more from other places to make potpouri out of it, i.e. running the tourism out of the county which is the main source of income for the local government. This would be totally counter productive for Page. We need to stay on top of this and make sure Fibrowatt goes away permanently. Lets run them out of town! Donna

  2. Joy Lorien permalink
    March 3, 2010 9:23 am

    I have to say that I was surprised and delighted to see so many in the community
    who were there against Fibrowatt and the stickers and slogans and packets of
    information passed out was a critical piece of the picture…..and yes it was a wide spectrum of people against from come-heres to been-heres and a meeting of we the people to form a more perfect union to keep what we have so viable and precious in this valley nestled against the Blue Ridge on one side and the Massanutten on the other

    Fibrowatt has an extensive story to tell its prospective ‘buyers’ so to speak and I am still concerned about their insistence that they will be coming to Va. somewhere. I was glad Griffith asked the question about trucks and non compliance which Fibrowatt conveniently left out….100 trucks a day and non compliance in air emissions from other plants which of course he said they fixed to comply……never was arsenic mention till asked and even then there was no data

    The three supervisors who stood up for the people by letting them know that they do not support this company was something they did not have to do at this time but as Jay said they picked up the ball and went for it. The suitcase of letters brought to the meeting was a testament to everyone who wrote them expressing their concern.

    So glad the forums are up so others can access them for information and delighted to see a community involved with the decisions that affect the health of our environment and citizens….go guys and gals and the end of the meeting was worth all the discomfort of my butt sitting on those hard chairs for three hours…whoo hoo

  3. Cornelia Graves Spain permalink
    March 3, 2010 10:37 am

    Kudos Team Page County! Responsible = healthful. Due to the responsible practices of Page’s many farmers and other guardians of this treasured spot of earth, the environment thrives healthfully. The economy thrives as visitors renew within your responsibly nurtured, varied and picturesque scenery. Your health in Page thrives when responsibly tended. Thank you to all those who share a deep commitment as stewards of pastures, forests, parks, waterways and karsts. Thanks Page BOS for seriously embracing your responsibility to the benefit of your citizenry and to the general public.

  4. Florhline PainterC.P.C. permalink
    March 3, 2010 10:37 am

    It is refreshing to see the people (which are the govt.) come out and take control of their rights and their county.We are the government and this proves the power of the people.
    Hats off to the Page County Residents.. Its about time. Congradulations to the Supervisors who are listening to the people…Keep up the good work.

  5. Lee McWhorter permalink
    March 3, 2010 12:09 pm

    The stool is said to have 4 legs with one missing. That leaves three, hatcheries, growers, & processers. But lets us face the facts we have no processers or hatcheries in Page County. So what are we left with, a one legged stool that stands alone.

    But wait we never had 2 of the 3 legs, not for a long time, still we were told we needed a forth the litter disposal by fire leg. That turns out to be not true and who told us that but the EDA.

    If the EDA told us that what else are they telling us that may ar may not be true?

    We seem to have been suscessful last night but this isn”t over, we next have to do the right thing and straighten out the thinking in the EDA. Rid the EDA of the dross and start again with more control.

    Let’s start at the top and work down, remove the 2 heads and some of the chaff , use the poultry litter to fertilize the stalk that is left and grow a newer friendlier EDA. One that brings in the kind of jobs that we citizens want and works for us and not the special interests and predators that seem to come and go as we all try to outlive this recession.

    I think we want jobs that pay a living wage , ones that will allow a person disposable income enough to buy a home, buy a car, raise a faimly, sent the children to higher education, and enjoy life and the pursuit of happiness.

    My hats of to J.D. Cave, my supervisor, for having the backbone to take a stand. I have to hand it to Robert Grffith and Jeff Vaughn also thanks guys.

  6. Lee McWhorter permalink
    March 3, 2010 3:20 pm

    Seems like we all made more of an impact that even I thought last night.

    Cardman is shakeing so bad about his job that he is willing to stoop even lower that a cow pie. He has hired a lawyer and sic-ed her and Dave on to google about whoever put up that web site. They are crying so much and so loud I can hear then down by project clover.

    Common Tom buck up it is over and watch out or we will stick you with a fork to see if you are done yet or if we have to have more btu’s.

    The supervisors have found you out with out any luck at all, if Bondurant and/or the feds were to look into shenanigans maybe you wouldnt feel so proud. You cannot threaten or wish us away. Face the facts Common Tom your days here among us are numbered. If they (your friends) don’t watch their steps they are done as well.

    Unlike fibrowatt you can take that to the bank…… ol son.


  1. Fibrowatt: “Quietly they came into Page County…Quietly we would like you to leave.” « Page County Citizens

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