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Video Gem: Fibrowatt Environmental Benefits- “We’re Solar!”

March 7, 2010

At our Board of Supervisors Meeting on 3/2/10, Fibrowatt, the chicken litter incinerator company, presented its Environmental Benefits. The biggest misleading statement is at 3:10, where Terry Walmsley claims that Fibrowatt is essentially “Solar Power”. It’s simply laughable. In fact several people laughed out loud when he said this. That’s like saying crude oil is solar because at one point it was dinosaurs and plants that used the sun to live. Hey, that’s cool, if you think that, just don’t burn it up into the air so we have to breathe it, mkay?

Other gems include when they claim to be carbon neutral and reduce greenhouse gases. Straight up, greenwashing. You can paint it anyway you want, but really, it comes down to burning sh*t and polluting the air, water and our communities. We see no benefit to that.

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  1. donna permalink
    March 8, 2010 5:17 pm

    As I said before in my previous comments, we need to send Fibrowatt down the road. We should not be entertaining any future presentations from them. It’s a total waste of time. We gave them their shot and we are not interested. They are simply looking for a poor county to burn this poison that no one else wants. We don’t want them here, it’s certainly not good for the county and could possibly cost the county money in the long run to clean up whatever damage and contamination they create to the land, air and water quality, and will certainly cost the county tourism dollars. The BOS needs to send them down the road, period. Page County is not a dumping ground, even though some may think so due to the land fill deal. I have faith in our new BOS and I believe they will follow suit. Donna


  1. Fibrowatt: “Quietly they came into Page County…Quietly we would like you to leave.” « Page County Citizens

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