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The End of Fibrowatt Will Be A New Beginning

March 14, 2010

JD Cave will make a motion to stop Fibrowatt.

This Tuesday, March 16, the Board of Supervisors are meeting again. On the agenda (PDF download here), JD Cave of District 3, will make a motion to stop Fibrowatt from building their giant incinerator on Project Clover. All citizens concerned about the future of Page County must attend to support the brave supervisors who are actually representing the will of the people. They should not only vote down Fibrowatt, but also pass a motion that will keep away any other waste incinerator that wants to come here. Everyone should know that Page County is not a poor, rural, uneducated area that quietly accepts long-term pollution for a few low-paying jobs. As Supervisor Jeff Vaughan said during the Fibrowatt meeting, the Shenandoah lifestyle is important, special and can’t be traded away.

Please come to this important meeting Tuesday March 16, 7pm at Stanley Elementary School [map]. Be ready to give big applause and support to the Supervisors who have listened to us all. Once the threat of Fibrowatt is gone, it’s time to clean house and put Page County’s affairs in order so we stop wasting our precious resources through poor leadership. Let’s build a strong future that we all believe in where farming, tourism and small businesses are at the core of our economy. There are plenty of entrepreneurs living here who can provide jobs if they are given support.

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  1. Cornelia Graves Spain permalink
    March 15, 2010 10:28 am

    Agreed. No incinerators county wide, not just at Project Clover.

  2. Knock Knock permalink
    March 16, 2010 11:03 am

    Can we get everyone to call JD or email him and give him the encouragement he needs to follow through with this?

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